Acessories for TG 125/E

28162 Self-adhesive white corundum sanding discs for TG 125/E Self-adhesive white corundum sanding discs for TG 125/E €8.13 Buy Now
28160 Self-adhesive white corundum sanding discs for TG 125/E Self-adhesive white corundum sanding discs for TG 125/E €8.13 Buy Now
28164 Self-adhesive white corundum sanding discs for TG 125/E Self-adhesive white corundum sanding discs for TG 125/E €8.13 Buy Now

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Band Saw Blades
Butane soldering iron->
carpentry tools->
Chips Extractor
Componentes de elétronica->
Contact cleaner brush
Crimping Tools
Drilling-milling machine->
Elecronic pliers->
Electronic Screwdrivers->
ESD Tools->
Inspection mirror
Insulation Resistance Tester
Mesure tools
Micromot tools->
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    Acessories for KS 230
    Acessories for LWS and LHW
    Acessories for MIC
    Acessories for MOF and MP 300/40
    Acessóries for OZI 220/E
    Acessories for PS 13
    Acessories for SS 230/E, STS/E a
    Acessories for TG 125/E
    All others
    Mains adaptor
  All others
  cut styrofoam
  Cutting machine
  Grinding and Polishing Machine
  Milling/Drilling Machines
  Precision Lathe
  Tool sets->
Programmers and acessories->
Safety insulated screwdrivers->
Safety Isulated Pliers->
Service case
Service Case->
Solder and Flux->
Soldering Iron and station
Torque Screwdriver
Warding files
1 x HSS twist drill set with centring pin
2 x Fibre-Cut Discs
3 x Replacement cutting disc for MICRO cutter MIC
2 x Super-fine sanding discs grain 400
1 x DIL40/TSOP40 ZIF 18.4mm
1 x DIL40/TQFP64 ZIF EM652X
1 x DIL40/TQFP44 ZIF PIC-1
1 x Warding files set, 6pcs
1 x Diamond Cutting Discs
1 x Hot wire cutter THERMOCUT 650
1 x DIL44/TQFP44-3 ZIF
2 x TORX-screwdrivers T10
2 x Fibre-Cut Discs
1 x Super-fine sanding discs grain 000
1 x BGA-Bottom-105
1 x Dial gauge
1 x Diamond Cutting Discs
1 x DIL40/TSOP40 ZIF-CS 12.4mm
1 x DIL40/PLCC28 ZIF AWM-1
2 x Bottom PSOP44 NOR-1
1 x DIL24/QSOP24 ZIF 150mil
1 x DIL28/TSOP28 ZIF 11,8mm Flash
1 x DIL44/QFN44-2 ZIF-CS
2 x TORX-screwdrivers T9
1 x Professional set for finish grinding and polishing
1 x DIL48/TSOP56 ZIF 18.4mm Flash-6
1 x Professional polishing sponge
1 x Corundum sanding discs for LWS
1 x Microfibre cloth
1 x Broca de alta duração de 0.3mm
1 x BGA-Bottom-111
1 x Metal Cutting Blades
1 x DIL40/TQFP44 ZIF AWM-1
1 x Diamond-coated cutting disc for MIC
1 x BGA-Bottom-125
1 x Crosscut 'Super-Cut' blade
1 x DIL44/TQFP44-1 Zif
1 x Supercut jig saw blades of special steel
1 x Tungsten tipped saw blade
3 x Chuck for TBM 220
1 x DIL20/SOIC20 ZIF 200mil
1 x Micro Compound Table KT 70
2 x MICROMOT drill stand MB 200
1 x DIL40/SOIC16 ZIF MB-1
1 x TU 2004V
1 x DIL48/SSOP48 ZIF 300mil
1 x Diamond Cutting Discs
2 x Protective device for hand-operated MICROMOT
1 x DIL40/SOIC20 ZIF MB95-1
1 x DIL28/SOIC28 ZIF 330 mil
1 x DIL32/SDIP32 ZIF 400mil
1 x DIL48/LQFP64 ZIF M38039/M39049
2 x Aluminium Die-Cast
1 x TORX-screwdrivers T8
1 x DIL48/QFP100 ZIF MSP430-1
1 x DIL44/PSOP44 ZIF 600 mil
1 x DIL32/SDIP64 ZIF H8-1
1 x DIL48/QFP100 ZIF PLD-2
1 x Multipurpose Vices Primus 75
1 x DIL40/QFP144 ZIF H8S-1
1 x DIL48/QFP100 ZIF PLD-3
2 x Machine Vice MS 4
1 x PLCC Puller
1 x Footswitch FS
1 x DIL40/QFP64-4 ZIF NEC-1
1 x DIL40/QFP64-3 ZIF NEC-1
1 x Fibre-Cut Discs
1 x DIL14W/SOIC14 ZIF 150mil
1 x DIL48/LQFP64 ZIF M16C/Tiny
1 x DIL16W/SOIC16 ZIF 300mil
1 x MICROMOT steel collet set
3 x Felt cloth polishing disc (100 x 15mm)
2 x Flexishaft MICROMOT 110/BF
1 x Felt polishers
2 x Treated muslin polishing wheel, stiff (100 x 15mm)
2 x Microfibre polishing wheel, 15-ply (100mm)
1 x Universal polishing paste
1 x Slot cutter 6.5mm
1 x Mill/Drill Unit BFB 2000.
1 x 10-piece wood router cutter set
1 x Precision steel vice PM 40
2 x 14-piece parallel supports set
3 x 
1 x Precision caliper 500mm
1 x Three-jaw steel drill chuck
2 x Self-adhesive white corundum sanding discs for TG 125/E
1 x Half round cutter 13mm
1 x sandpaper for PS 13 Grit 240
1 x Rebating cutter 6.4mm
1 x Combination pliers 205mm
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