MULTI 200ml,

€4.75 + IVA

MULTI 200ml

MULTI 200ml

Lubricates, Stops Squeaks, Protects, Loosens Rust, Starts Wet Engines.

  • MULTI is a multifunctional product for all electronic and mechanical equipment in workshops and in the industry.
  • It forms a clear invisible film and is harmless to plastic, rubber and paint.
  • Special inhibitors guarantee excellent corrosion protection and lubrication.
  • MULTI displaces moisture, eleminates short circuits, starts wet engines, and ensures long-lasting operational liability.


  • Electrical/Mechanical equipment:
    • ignition systems
    • lightning systems
    • electronic motorcar equipment
    • carburetors
    • screws
    • locks
    • seat rails
    • pedals, etc.
  • Workshop/Industry:
    • electrical or mechanical precision instruments
    • tools
    • metal parts
    • relays and switches
    • electronic equipment, etc.
  • Hobby, house, garden, DIY sector:
    • Lawn mowers
    • boat engines
    • bicyles
    • electric appliances
    • arms
    • typewriters
    • roller skates
    • sliding doors
    • hinges, etc.

Technical Data:

Colour: yellowish
Odour:  charakteristic, mild
Density: 0.81 g / cm³
Viscosity (oil): 30 - 35 mm² / s (40° C)
Corrosion protection: up to 500 h (salt spray resistant)
Lubrication property:  up to 790 kg (Falex)

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