PROLUB 200ml,

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PROLUB 200ml

PROLUB 200ml

Protection and Lubrication of Electrical Equipment.

  • PROLUB protects spare parts and all metal surfaces from rust and corrosion during storage and transport.
  • It lubricates all moving parts of precision instruments and electrical equipment.
  • It also loosens dirt, rust, scale and seized up parts, displaces water and moisture, restores resistance value and electrical properties and stops short circuits.
  • PROLUB penetrates into surface pores and seals out moisture, reduces maintenance and extends operational life of equipment and contains no CFC or chlorinated solvents.


  • PROLUB us used for:
    • switches
    • contacts
    • relays and contact banks
    • appliances
    • installations
    • electric motors
    • switchgears
    • switchboards and signalling systems

Technical Data:

Density: 0.82 g / cm³
Flash point (open cup): 62° C
Distillation range: 180 - 210° C
Heat resistance: up to 150° C
Dielectric strength (ASTM D 877): 31.5 kV
Film thickness: 1 - 2 micron
Coverage: 100 - 150 m² / L
Viscosity: 3 cP (20° C)
Viscosity (Oil): 32 cP (40° C)

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