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Wire strippers 165mm
[3-805 VDE]

Wire strippers 165mm


Produced in accordance with specification EN 60.900 of the

Association of German Electrical Engineers (VDE).

Permissable voltage at which the VDE pliers can be used:

1000 V a.c. or 1500 V d.c.

Size: 165 mm

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2 x Table Sawr TKS 315 E
1 x Three-jaw steel drill chuck
1 x Protective device for hand-operated MICROMOT
3 x MICRO Miller MF 70
2 x Self-adhesive silicone carbide sanding discs for TSG 250/E
1 x Flap Wheels
1 x Brass brushes
1 x RT100 - Horizontal-vertical circular dividing table
1 x Professional Drill/Grinder IBS/E
1 x Cups brushes
2 x Band knife of hardened spring band steel (without teeth)
1 x Footswitch FS
2 x Inspector mirror
1 x Diamond cutting blade for OZI
1 x Wheels brushes
1 x lathe tools 10mm
4 x Corundum fan sander for LWS
2 x Sanding pads for OZI 220/E grit 240
3 x Corundum grinding disc for LWS
5 x High quality corundum grinding bits
1 x BGA-Bottom-102
1 x Sanding fleece for LWS
2 x Slot cutter 5.0mm
3 x Safety insulated screwdrivers 14-602 VDE
1 x MICRO-screwdrivers
1 x Combi cutter 6.5/2.5mm
2 x Side cutters 160mm
1 x Professional polishing sponge
1 x HSS immersion saw blades for OZI
7 x Five piece HSS chisel set
1 x High quality corundum grinding bits
2 x High quality corundum grinding bits
1 x Precision Vice FMZ
4 x Telephone pliers bent 205mm
4 x Drill chuck with sliding sleeve for the tailstock
4 x Coarse-toothed blades (No. 9: 14 teeth per 25mm)
1 x Replacement belts for BSL 220/E
6 x Supercut jig saw blades of special steel
2 x 10-piece wood router cutter set
4 x Broca de alta duração de 0.8mm
2 x Chuck for TBM 220
1 x Sanding pads for OZI 220/E grit 80
4 x Backing disc for LWS
3 x Broca de alta duração de 2.5mm
2 x Coarse-toothed blades (No. 5: 36 teeth per 25mm)
1 x Broca de alta duração de 2.0mm
1 x Slot cutter 3.2mm
3 x Independent four jaw chuck for the DB 250
3 x Coarse-toothed blades (No. 1: 50 teeth per 25mm)
2 x Coarse-toothed blades (No. 3: 41 teeth per 25mm)
1 x Tungstein carbide rasp - and cutting disc
3 x Insulation Resistance Tester MG125
1 x MICRO Screwdriver MIS 1. Complete with 16 inserts.
1 x Rasp plate with metal burrs made from wolfram carbide for LWS
1 x Sanding pads for OZI 220/E grit 150
3 x Broca de alta duração de 0.4mm
3 x Angle cutter 45 °
2 x Broca de alta duração de 0.9mm
3 x Diamond-coated cutting and roughing disc
1 x Belt sander BBS/S
2 x Replacement cutting disc for MICRO cutter MIC
3 x Three jaw chuck for the lathe DB 250
1 x HSS immersion saw blades for OZI
1 x BeeHive204
1 x BGA-Bottom-125
3 x Safety insulated screwdrivers 14-603 VDE
3 x Broca de alta duração de 2.4mm
3 x Broca de alta duração de 2.3mm
3 x Coarse-toothed blades (No. 3: 34 teeth per 25mm)
1 x BeeHive208S
6 x Wire strippers 165mm
2 x Corundum bound cutting disc for LWS
1 x Combination pliers 205mm
3 x Combination pliers 160mm
3 x Insulation Resistance Tester MG500
1 x Half round cutter 13mm
2 x Super-fine sanding discs grain 000
4 x Flat nose pliers 185mm
2 x Warding files set, 6pcs
2 x Diamond Coated
6 x surface planing and thicknessing ADH 250
1 x Professional set for finish grinding and polishing
2 x Router base OFV
1 x Dividing attachment TA 230 for PF 250
4 x Step clamps made of steel
1 x Cutter head for copy and surface milling MT2
1 x Precision Vice FMS 75
1 x Safety Insulated Pozidriv Screwdriver 14-642VDE
3 x Edge cutter with pin 6.4mm
3 x Surface planer AH 80
3 x Broca de alta duração de 0.7mm
2 x Round nose pliers 160mm
2 x High quality corundum grinding bits
4 x Jig saw blades made of HSS
1 x Combination pliers 185mm
1 x Side cutters 180mm
1 x HSS cutting blade for OZI
5 x Tungsten Carbide Tipped (TCT)
2 x High quality corundum grinding bits
1 x MICROMOT Mains Adapter NG 5/E
3 x Cut off/mitre saw KGS 80
1 x MICROFLAM gas soldering set MGS
2 x Micro Compound Table KT 70
1 x BGA-Bottom-105
3 x Corundum fan sander for LWS
1 x Multipurpose Vices Primus100
3 x Table Saw FET
2 x Corundum grinding disc for LWS
2 x Safety Insulated Pozidriv Screwdriver 14-641VDE
2 x MICRO shaper MP 400
1 x Coarse-toothed blades (No. 5: 17 teeth per 25mm)
2 x Sanding fleece for LWS
1 x BGA-Bottom-108
2 x Lambswool polishing disc
2 x Core box bit 3.2mm
2 x Round nose pliers 185mm
4 x Broca de alta duração de 1.5mm
3 x Rounding over cutter 6.4mm
1 x Telephon pliers bent 200mm
2 x Side cutters 195mm
3 x High quality corundum grinding bits
3 x Multipurpose Vices Primus 75
3 x Broca de alta duração de 2.1mm
1 x Safety insulated screwdrivers 14-604 VDE
1 x Replacement belts for BSL 220/E
3 x Broca de alta duração de 1.4mm
2 x Universal holder UHZ
2 x Side cutters 160mm
1 x BGA-0246/0244
3 x Machine Vice MS 4
1 x Flat nose pliers 160mm
1 x Precision steel vice PM 40
7 x Motor-driven carving device MSG
3 x Replacement glue sticks for HKP 220
1 x 14-piece parallel supports set
2 x Broca de alta duração de 1.2mm
2 x Safety Insulated Pozidriv Screwdriver 14-643VDE
2 x High quality corundum grinding bits
1 x High quality corundum grinding bits
2 x MICRO Band Saw MBS 240/E
2 x Diamond-coated cutting disc for MIC
1 x Fluted filter for CW-matic
3 x Spare cutting wire
2 x Ball shaped milling cutters
4 x Wire strippers 160mm
3 x Dial gauge
1 x TOP-PIN 200ml
5 x Polishing Set
3 x Telephone pliers stright 165mm
2 x Super jig saw STS/E
4 x Silicon-Carbide.
1 x Corundum sanding discs for LWS
2 x Broca de alta duração de 2.8mm
3 x Safety Insulated Phillips Screwdriver 14-631VDE
2 x 6pcs Double Open End wrench set
2 x Broca de alta duração de 2.2mm
2 x Special Fused Alumina (Hardness N).
5 x Thicknesser DH 40
2 x Super-fine sanding discs grain 2000
1 x Ball-shaped diamond coated 2.2mm
2 x HSS drill bits 0.5mm
2 x HSS drill bits 1.2mm
3 x Jig saw STS 12/E
3 x Combination pliers 185mm
3 x Conjunto de três brocas de ponto
3 x Side cutters 170mm
1 x Flexible silicon discs
1 x Hot wire cutter THERMOCUT 650
2 x PLCC Puller
3 x Self-adhesive white corundum sanding discs for TG 250/E
3 x HSS drill bits 1.6mm
1 x SPRAYOIL 200ml
1 x Broca de alta duração de 1.0mm
2 x Broca de alta duração de 2.9mm
2 x Broca de alta duração de 2.7mm
3 x Scroll saw DS 230/E
2 x Telephone pliers bent 205mm
1 x Self-adhesive silicone film for easy sanding disc replacement
2 x Safety Insulated Phillips Screwdriver 14-634VDE
1 x Super-fine sanding discs grain 400
1 x Replacement cutting wire for the THERMOCUT 12/E
2 x HSS drill bits 0.8mm
1 x Digital caliper gauge 300 mm
2 x Round nose pliers 165mm
4 x Cutting disc, with reinforcement
1 x Broca de alta duração de 2.6mm
2 x VASELINE 200ml
1 x HSS twist drill set with centring pin
3 x SILICONE 200ml
3 x MICRO woodturning lathe DB 250
1 x Felt polishers
3 x Bench drill press TBH
1 x sandpaper for PS 13 Grot 180
2 x Safety Insulated Phillips Screwdriver 14-633VDE
4 x Bench drill machine TBM 220
3 x SPRAYFLON 200ml
2 x Precision caliper square
1 x Super safety and specialty bit set, 75-piece
1 x Self-adhesive white corundum sanding discs for TG 250/E
1 x sandpaper for PS 13 Grit 240
1 x PROTECTION 200ml
2 x HSS drill bits 1.0mm
2 x IC tweezers
1 x Steel tape measure
1 x 2-speed scroll saw DSH
1 x MICRO cutter MIC
1 x Safety insulated screwdrivers 14-608 VDE
1 x PLCC Extractor
1 x PROLUB 200ml
1 x HSS twist drill set to DIN 338
1 x Microfibre cloth
1 x Telephone pliers bent 165mm
3 x Magnetic base
2 x magnifier 3.25 x Ø 45mm with additional lens
2 x Hot wire cutter THERMOCUT 12/E
1 x Screwdriver bit set. 49-piece.
2 x Telephone pliers straight 205mm
1 x Tungsten carbide drills Ø1,5mm
1 x Crosscut 'Super-Cut' blade
1 x Cutting tools of high quality cobalt HSS steel, ground
2 x Diamond blade for MBS 240/E
1 x Safety insulated screwdrivers 14-601 VDE
1 x Telephone pliers stright 205mm
2 x Precision caliper 500mm
2 x magnetic base 80kg
3 x Grinding mop cylinder grit 120
3 x HSS 1,065 x 6 x 0.6mm Dentado variável 10-14 TPI
1 x Universal and oil siphoning pump AP 12
1 x Precision magnetic gauge stand
2 x Table Saw TKS 2500 SC
3 x Extra narrow bandsaw blade (3.5mm) for tight radii
5 x surface planing and thicknessing ADH 200
1 x Combination pliers 190mm
3 x Ceramic-tipped tweezers and ESD 5-096
1 x Fixed Steady
2 x Hot wire cutter THERMOCUT 230/E
1 x Flame shaped milling cutters
1 x Combination pliers 170mm
2 x Earth wire with dummy Schunko-plug
1 x Super-Cut
2 x Hand Magnifier 2-293
2 x Metal Cutting Blades
1 x TIP SPT-10
1 x Felt polishers
1 x Crimping plier for BNC
1 x Grinding mop cylinder grit 240
1 x MICRO Heat gun MH 550
1 x Fibre-Cut Discs
4 x Wood Lathe DB900
2 x Ceramic-tipped tweezers and ESD 5-095
1 x Grinding mop cylinder grit 80
1 x Diamond Cutting Discs
2 x Conj 5 pinças ESD
1 x Tungsten carbide cutters set
2 x Fibre-Cut Discs
1 x Fibre-Cut Discs
1 x Plastic magnifying glass
1 x Earth wire
2 x Earthing module
3 x Grinding mop cylinder grit 120
1 x Side cutters 160mm
2 x Fibre-Cut Discs
1 x 6-piece set of ESD/EGB tweezers
2 x Long neck straight drill/grinder LB/E
1 x sanding belts for BBS/s Grit 240
3 x Wood Lathe DB450
1 x Bandsaw blade of bimetal for MBS 240/E
1 x Aluminium Die-Cast
1 x Replacement carving blades for MSG
2 x Precision Drill/Grinder FBS 240/E
2 x Blade for Steel and brass
2 x Fibre-Cut Discs
2 x Vacum SAA 901
1 x MICRO Miller FF 500
1 x Diamond Cutting Discs
1 x MICROMOT glue gun HKP 220
1 x SCLCR1010E06
1 x replacement glass fibre for 2-166 Ø 4mm (PU 10)
2 x ESD Tweezers For The SMD-Technique - 6 Piece Set
2 x MICRO Miller FF 230
1 x Precision lathe PD 250/E
1 x SmartProg2
1 x Multiform grindstone
1 x ESD Tweezers 5-193
1 x Lathe System PD 400
1 x MICROMOT 230/E
1 x Diamond Cutting Discs
1 x FLUX-OFF 400ml
1 x Crocodile clip
1 x Precision drill grinder FBS 12/EF
1 x MICROMOT Mains Adapter NG 2/E
1 x Diamond blade
1 x Sanding Drums
1 x Diamond Grinding Bits 1mm
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